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Pipe Doctor No-Dig Pipe Repair

The Pipe Doctor system was created for the permanent and watertight repair of below-ground pipes, without the need for excavation. This trenchless repair method saves time and cost on-site and reduces disruption to the surrounding area.

The Pipe Doctor No-Dig Pipe Repair range delivers contractors a permanent and watertight finish to damaged pipes, every time.

The Pipe Doctor range has been designed to offer professional repair without the need for excavation of the pipework, saving time, disruption and, of course, cost.

Products available in kit form offer everything needed for a single repair, without waste or mess on site.

The system includes all of the products necessary for this type of repair, from the compressor to the resin and matting and everything in between.

Pipe Doctor products create a professional repair to damaged straight pipes and to swept bends, up to an angle of 90°.

The original kit format provides everything needed for a single repair, however, materials can also be purchased in bulk.

Resin is available in Summer, Winter and Rapid compositions, to suit the conditions at the time of installation.

The following kits are available:

• Pipe Doctor No-dig Repair; for repairs on straight pipes
• Pipe Doctor Radius; for the repair of swept bends
• Pipe Doctor Lateral; for the repair of broken junctions
• Pipe Doctor Rapid, for faster repairs to straight pipes

Pipe Doctor No-Dig Patch Repair Kit

A handy kit containing everything needed for a permanent and watertight repair on straight pipes.

Pipe Doctor Rapid

Pipe Doctor Rapid resin cures in record time for improved efficiency on site – and it’s now WRc approved.

Pipe Doctor Radius

A lower-cost, less disruptive and more efficient alternative to excavation, for the repair of a 90° bend.

Pipe Doctor Packers

A range of packers, suitable for use with the Pipe Doctor system.

Pipe Doctor Pillow Packer

A fold-flat, oblong inflatable packer for repairs to larger diameter infrastructure.

Pipe Doctor Phoenix Heated Packer

The Phoenix heated repair packer, features a built-in heater for a reduced curing time, with no patch shrinkage.

Pipe Stoppers

A range of multi-size pipe stoppers, used for blanking off a pipe for air testing, water testing or to stop flow for a repair.

Pipe Doctor Contractor Packs

A full range of packages, giving the contractor all the equipment needed to perform effective and professional Pipe Doctor repairs.

Pipe Doctor Resin

An efficient mixing method and unique concept in the pipe repair marketplace.


wrc industry approved