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Picote® high-speed drain cleaning, unique lateral cutters and smart small drain rehabilitation solutions.

Picote® Solutions is a global innovator and manufacturer of trenchless tools. As a contractor at heart, we are truly passionate about advancing the trenchless industry through innovation and education. export, training and technical support, with facilities in Finland, the U.K. and the USA. The expertise of our CIPP Lining Team in Finland enables us to test new products at worksites before launching to the international market.

As a lining contractor in Finland, Picote’s focus has always been to provide a full service trenchless drain renovation to property owners. Picote® specialises in CIPP Lining from DN50 – DN225, and commonly lines all drains inside buildings from the rooftop to the city sewer. Picote’s ambition is to advance the use of CIPP Lining inside buildings to become a common practice worldwide.

Picote® Certification and Approvals

Picote® Solutions’ Brush Coating™ System, used to rehabilitate deteriorated pipelines, has been assessed and approved by WRc in the UK.

WRc is an Independent Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Growth, operating across the water, environment, gas and resource management sectors providing independent certification of products and services.

Picote® was presented with the certification for the system

The brush coating system rehabilitates non-potable and wastewater lines for clay, concrete and cast-iron pipes in DN 50–300 and copper, steel and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes in DN 32–300.

The system uses a Picote® milling machine and resin injection unit to coat the inside of the pipe with a dual colour 100 per cent solids epoxy two-part resin, DC1000E.

Brushes attached to the machine’s cable spread the resin coating, which is supplied in pre-batched cartridges, evenly over the pipe interior where it cures under ambient conditions.

Depending on the state of the host pipe, two or more layers of the resin coating can be applied to complete a full rehabilitation.

WRc said the system met all the requirements of the assessment schedule, including appearance, mechanical characteristics testing, resistance to high pressure water jetting, resistance to abrasion, product design, product, materials manufacturing and installation procedures.

WRc approved status is a major step forward for the Picote Brush Coating System, it has now been independently and successfully assessed by one of the World’s foremost wastewater systems assessment organisations.

wrc approved

Picote Brush Coating™ System is WRc approved for all non-potable and wastewater applications for pipe diameters between DN50mm (2”) and DN300mm (12”) diameter for clay, concrete and cast iron pipes and DN32mm (1 ¼”) and DN300mm (12“) for copper, steel and PVC pipes.

astm certification

ASTM: – ASTM approval of Picote 100% Solids Epoxy when used to create a monolythic semi-structural repair of decayed and damaged pipelines. Designed exclusively for the Picote Brush Coating™ System.

tl requirement seal

NSF 61.5:– NSF 61.5 certifies that the white Picote100% Solids Epoxy can be utilised for potable water lines over DN100 / 4″ diameter.

The Picote Brush Coating™ System has a number of certifications and approvals, either for the Picote Dual Colour 100% Solids Epoxy or for the system as a whole. The Picote Resin Family Technical Guide located in the Resin and Mixing Equipment area has testing documentation. It is also possible for Picote certified installers to offer a 10 year guarantee under certain conditions. 

Please confirm technical specification and specifics about conditions with the FDT Solutions Technical Specialist.