Drain Dye is a non-toxic and odourless drain tracer product for finding leaks, drain damage, contamination and water pathways. It is easy to use, non-harmful and highly concentrated.

  • Used to locate the direction of water flow in pipes, drains etc
  • Water Soluble
  • Non-toxic
  • User friendly
  • Handy tubs for repeated use
  • Completely safe to use in drainage pipelines
  • 6 colours available
  • Extremely concentrated

Available in a variety of colours including: Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple & Yellow.

The Drain Dye adds a strong colour to water – use just a teaspoon of Drain Dye with 10 litres of water to trace the underground flow of a drainage system. Whether a sewerage pipe or grey water system, the Drain Dye is a quick and simple system, giving the information you need to proceed with a project.

Available in six different colours, the Drain Dye allows the flow of different drainage systems in the same network to be identified with drain dyes of different colours. Use a red Drain Dye in one entrance and a blue Drain Dye in a second for example, and identify which entrance is flowing to which downstream outlet.

drain die