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fdt brand your business

We do not just sell products we provide solutions. We understand that your company’s marketing efforts will have a direct impact on your sales and market share.

However, marketing and advertising are not the only factors that influence overall business performance. 


  • Creating a positive brand image through your marketing efforts is vital to a business’s success.
  • A brand encompasses the consumer’s complete experience with both your product and your service. Associations with the company develop as a result of these interactions.
  • The most effective way for a company to increase its market share is to create an integrated strategy for marketing and branding and, in so doing, provide consumers with a unified and seamless way to interact with the brand.


The internet provides consumers with the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of brands. Market research shows that consumers often make buying decisions based on brand image rather than the actual product;  

  • Brand Image Drives Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Image Educates Consumers About Values
  • Brand Image Creates Consumer Loyalty
  • Effective Marketing Reinforces Beliefs

The marketplace for products is very crowded, with many similar products and a lot of advertisements trying to get the attention of consumers. Companies that have developed a strong brand image know the effect of how a brand is communicated to consumers. Getting noticed is important, but it’s even more important to know who your consumers want to be.


Market share is the percent of total sales in an industry generated by a particular company. Market share is calculated by taking the company’s sales over the period and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period. This metric is used to give a general idea of the size of a company in relation to its market and its competitors. The market leader in an industry is the company with the largest market share.

A company can increase its market share by offering its customers innovative technology, strengthening customer loyalty, hiring talented employees, and acquiring competitors.

Digital Marketing

Businesses looking to grow in the digital world know that internet marketing is a must. And this focus on marketing in the digital age brings plenty of unique challenges along with it.

Unfortunately, most small to medium  businesses struggle with establishing a strong online presence – a challenge they can’t afford to fall short of.

The digital sphere has evolved remarkably and is continually changing, making executing successful digital marketing campaigns more difficult than ever.

Driving sales and building brand awareness are two of the top digital marketing priorities for any businesses.

The top three marketing tools small businesses are using are email (54 percent), website (51 percent), and social media (48 percent). That’s a lot of tools to focus on, and for small businesses, that can spread many people too thin.

We believe to successfully execute digital marketing strategies, you need to take a holistic approach. We are here to help businesses tackle and execute digital marketing strategies by:

  • Building an awesome Website
  • Helping our business partners to understand their audiences
  • Creating valuable content
  • Promoting customised content through Social media and Email marketing & reaching out to other businesses with similar problems
  • Generating New Leads online with through social media and website CMS system integration
  • Building Brand Consistency and trust
  • SEO optimise your digital presence for access on all on digital platforms such as Desktop , PC and Mobile phones.


It can be difficult to keep your marketing efforts diverse.

Consistency in your brand will keep customers loyal and satisfied once they’ve invested in you. But there’s a fine line between consistent and redundant.

Our marketing department has a wide skill-set and an innovative metric driven perspective that will work toward creating the best campaigns for your business.

Using our services allows you to strategize and execute a plan quickly.

It’s important to never half-heartedly pursue digital marketing, especially as a small business looking to stand out and build a customer base.

Being aware of the more common challenges can help a business owner plan better to reach their marketing goals more effectively.