A number of new leak detection technologies have hit the market recently. Here’s what facilities managers should know to choose the right solution for their facilities. When it comes to selecting water leak detection technology, the myriad of solutions on the market to choose from can sometimes be daunting. Facility managers should understand the different […]

BRAWO® SYSTEMS IN-HOUSE REHABILITATION FOR PROPERTIES Rehabilitating the Building Drainage Without Dirt and Noise! Moist walls, musty odours and mould formation are common types of damage in buildings. The cause of this is often leaking waste water pipes, from which waste water leaks into the surrounding such as walls and ceilings as well as the

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With global recession looking more and more likely, many businesses are battening down the hatches and hoping to weather the storm. But for agile entrepreneurs with an appetite for innovation, now could be the perfect time to start a business of your own. So if you’ve been thinking about what your life will look like

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THE PICOTE MINI MILLER Easy to move, Hard to Beat The Mini MIller is a high speed, high torque unit designed for cleaning, descaling, and removing roots in pipes between DN50-100 (204″) pipes and for cutting and reinstatements in DN50-75 (2-3″) pipe. When paired with the PIcote Mini Coating Pump it is capable of brush


USES AND BENEFITS Onboarding camera system makes for convenient viewing of cleaning, cutting, and coating jobs. Waterproof protective camera case with carrying handle. When the case is latched and closed. Digital footage counter On screen time & date display Stainless steel camera heads (IP68 class). Video and snapshot modes LED camera lights with brightness control

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COVID -19 forced many businesses to re-evaluate their approach. Many businesses closed their doors for good, and a lot of people lost their livelihood. We believe that a crises situation such as this provides a creative space, it divides the playing field into those who will survive and those who will not. Business competition can

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Practical example – light curing in use Rehabilitation task: Several road inlets, which were rehabilitated from the lateral sewer inlet to the main sewer. Duration: approx. 1 hour Material: BRAWOLINER® 3D DN 100-150 Curing method: light curing (UVRelining) Brief description: A preliner was installed before the actual rehabilitation. The liner was then blown in and cured with the light curing unit

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The Picote Smart Heat Millers make your ambient CIPP curing process up to 35% faster to help ensure completion according to the resin curing schedule. With worksite proven technology, this easy to use and ecologically friendly option doesn’t use water, so there is no rist of water damage inside buildings. Especially helpful for situations where