Water scarcity is a major challenge in South Africa that also represents a substantial opportunity for investors and businesses in the water sector. Water scarcity has been a key driver for investment in the Western Cape water sector due to severe drought conditions and expected longer-term water constraints in the region. GreenCape non-profit organisation drives […]

ZONESCAN ALPHA– PERMANENT NETWORK MONITORING The installation of the system is performed or supervised by GUTERMANN in order to ensure optimal coverage of the targeted pipe network and reliable communication. No further human field intervention is necessary for accurate leak detection, as leaks will be automatically identified and pinpointed. The leakage manager is notified within


A number of new leak detection technologies have hit the market recently. Here’s what facilities managers should know to choose the right solution for their facilities. When it comes to selecting water leak detection technology, the myriad of solutions on the market to choose from can sometimes be daunting. Facility managers should understand the different

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