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scoping and pipe inspection technology


The Miniflex® sewer camera is equipped with a unique international patented flexible element between the camera-head and the pushrod. This, combined with the innovative bullet-shaped camerahead, provides an easier transit through drains and pipes. Extensive real life tests have proven that even right-angle bends in diameters as of 32mm are taken smoothly. The sophisticated sewer camera-head design keeps the lighting(LED) ring above the bottom, which minimizes reflection, and this together with the carefully selected lens gives the Miniflex® camera a large “viewing angle” and a sharp image, even in larger diameters till 100mm diameter. To make it a complete package, the Miniflex® is standard equipped with a 512Hz transmitter, metercounter and display with recording functions for video and photo on SD-card.


  • Flexible mini sewer camera-system
  • Unique flexible element(PUR) for right-angle bends
  • Sewer pipeline inspection of 32mm–100mm pipes (plumbers services)
  • Oval sewer camera head for smooth transit
  • Special lens with large viewing angle (100⁰)
  • Sophisticated lighting ring for minimal reflection and a better image​
  • Metercounter​
  • Textwriter On Screen Display​
  • Standard with transmitter (512Hz)​
  • Standard with Li-ion battery pack (max. 7 hours)​
  • Exchangeable push cable from Polyamid and that the user can easily renew the cable by himself (15, 20 or 30 meter

Video technology is a no-mess, clean and accurate way to idenitify problems in drains. Drain inspections determine the nature of the problem(s) and/or the sewer pipe condition. The camera is also a proactive way to inspect drains, or any pipe system. Camera inspections allow you see for yourself exactly what the drains look like.

Camera Inspections “Pipe Scoping” are also an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions or potential impediments to the proper flow of drainage, including roots, broken tiles, bad mortar connections, inline traps, negative grade sloping, pipe sagging, offset joints, pipe cracks and sludge buildup.