Trenchless Rehabilitation of pipe infrastructure may still be a relatively new business field, but it is developing rapidly worldwide. Rehabilitating old, defective and leaking pipe infrastructure has become the favoured methodology over the last 10 years. Scandinavian authorities went as far as standardising it as the preferred option when rehabilitating pipe infrastructure. Trenchless Companies rehabilitated more than 20 kilometres of in-building structure drainage pipes last year.

FDT Solutions spearheaded the introduction of trenchless technology into Southern Africa in 2013 and embarked on a systematic educational drive to familiarise critical players about the possibilities of rehabilitating pipe infrastructure inside and outside buildings without intrusive laborious and destructive digging.

Trenchless Business opportunities

We believe that the market is more than ready for innovative non-invasive trenchless solutions. With more installers and current plumbing business onboarding trenchless solutions will become more visible the gentle effectiveness of these solutions will spread.

People are more aware of the ecological value of non-intrusive, low impact pipe rehabilitation solutions.

We see market growth because many buildings including their drainage systems have exceeded the normal operating life and must be rehabilitated. The market continues to grow.

Proactive rehabilitation. Homeowners associations and property owners are becoming more educated about trenchless rehabilitation.  We envisage that the efficacy of non-invasive pipe rehabilitation will soon become recognized as the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Over time property owners will realise that whole pipeline networks should and could be proactively and cost-effectively maintained.

Market demand for high-quality alternatives to the traditional digging methods is increasing. With growing markets, the demand for high-quality technical rehabilitation solutions is increasing. We believe that consumers will drive the change, as maintenance companies, such as building and housing estate managers will persuade property owners of the benefits of rehabilitation without chiselling, demolition and trenching.

Innovations by manufacturers and executing companies. Besides the technology for rehabilitating horizontal and vertical pipes from DN 50, another milestone in the technical development was the introduction of appliances and machinery that can be used to open connections, branches, and inlets such as the BRAWO® VortexCutter.

Business opportunities for Entrepreneurs. Steady international business growth is a positive sign that pipe rehabilitation is here to stay. Making Trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions a viable and lucrative option for prospective or established business owners.

FDT Solutions business strategies. developed a groundbreaking tiered business strategy tailored to the South African market.