BRAWOLINER® - A trenchless solution for defective pipes. Fast, cost-effective and durable.

The BRAWOLINER®-process is a no dig rehabilitation solution. Excavation work or uncovering the faulty pipes is not necessary.
BRAWOLINER® creates a new pipe within the damaged one. A durable solution that saves time and money.
  • The BRAWOLINER®-process was developed specifically for the rehabilitation of pipes in diameters from DN 50 to DN 250 and offers many advantages compared to traditional remediation:
  • Rapid Rehabilitation without excavation, dirt and noise
    Up to 50% cheaper than open trench excavation and repair
    Suitable for almost all damaged pipes and all types of pipe materials. Durability of over 50 years
  • BRAWOLINER® The complete cost-effective system for fast, long-lasting repairs of leaking lateral junctions and connections.
  • Before the installation, the flexible BRAWOLINER® is impregnated with epoxy resin.
  • The impregnated liner is then inserted into the defective pipe by using air or water pressure.
  • BRAWOLINER® lines the pipe completely and eliminates all existing and potential damage.
  • The epoxy cures at ambient temperature, and can be expedited by adding heat.
  • The result is a completely new, watertight pipe within the old one, with significantly better static properties.