CIPP/ Inliner vs. Shortliner Trenchless complete rehabilitation compared to selective damage repair The pipe liner method is a trenchless rehabilitation solution, where the need to dig up or uncover the defective drainage pipes can be avoided. During the rehabilitation, a flexible textile liner is coated with resin and then by means of air or water […]

Steam Curing Curing process by steam Ideal for sewer pipes with large gradient differences (especially fallpipes and in-house rehabilitation) Non-positive connection with the old pipe Hot water Curing Curing process by hot water Ideal for buried ground and connection pipes Non-positive connection with the old pipe The only liner that has DIBt approval for all

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Experience the new light curing technology offered by BRAWOLINER® In addition to the curing process by means of water, steam and the ambient temperature, we are introducing new capabilities with the process of light curing – for even more efficiency! The product BRAWO® LumCure consists of: Light chain Luminave 3 x 200 for an operational

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PICOTE PIPE COATING FDT Solutions partnered with Picote to provide a wide range of top-notch solutions for pipe repairs and pipe rehabilitation projects. The newest resin lining solution that’s made to be intuitive, easily applicable, and easy to handle. A breakthrough product that can now be used by plumbers on many levels. With the Picote

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