Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY from the Picote inhouse Innovation Team who are bursting with practical ideas for everything Trenchless! Take a look at the new developments.


  • The Small Grabber is in the latter stages of development and we are thrilled to offer this handy solution for retrieving lost items in smaller diameter pipes. Available for DN50-DN75 pipe in two lengths, 5m and 10m with the option of TWO styles of grabbing claw head!  Coming in January 2021.

For more information, orders or sales info contact us on +27 011 065 9506


  • The NEW Battery Mini Miller and Battery Mini Cleaner have been developed with a bespoke and powerful rechargeable power pack which gives extra torque and up to 3 hours* of work time when you need it most! For more information on this unique Picote invention, look out for the factsheets in our next newsletter.

*Standard model up to 3 hours (default). High output model up to 4 hours. 

  • The Picote Cannon just got even better with the option of the Smart Heat Fast Cap! See below for more information.

Shooting liners with the Picote Cannon is especially useful for tight spaces and job sites with access challenges. It’s so light and easy to store and transport. The brand new Cannon Fast Cap with Smart Heat Cable Inlet (2360000005) allows users to easily position a Smart Heat Cable within the curing pipe to warm the lining and make the curing process faster.​ By adding the Smart Heat cable you reduce curing times, ideal when shooting multiple linings in time-critical job sites or cold environments.