Pipe Relining Equipment – Picote Solutions brush coating system

The Picote Brush Coating™ System is a simple, fast and practical coating system used for drain and sewer renovation. Coat unlined or lined pipes or connections from DN32 – DN300 / 1¼” – 12″ with a Picote Coating Pump and Miller combination. Coat anything from a small area (such as a lined connection) to entire piping systems, for example blocks of flats with our easy to use Smart Mixer and dual-colour 100% solids epoxy resin cartridges for cast iron, PVC, concrete or clay pipes.

A brush coating system from Picote Solutions can be used when traditional lining is not an option. By using brushes to apply the ASTM-tested 100 percent solids epoxy, the technician is in control throughout the entire application process. By using brushes and a mini cam, the technician controls the amount of epoxy deposited. This gives the operator full control over the epoxy by letting the brushes work in the material over joints or voids. The Smart Mixer easily mixes the dual-component epoxy at the touch of a button and has contrasting colors, which allows the technician to visually verify each coat of epoxy for a problem-free finish. 

Used in tandem with the Picote Smart Mixer and Smart Heater.

The Smart Mixer 2.0 : The battery operated Smart Mixer 2.0 is a simple way to mix the dual component 100% solids epoxy resin. Simply lock and load the cartridges and dispense into the coating pump cup for a mess-free, easy solution.

The Smart Heater:  Simplify and speed up drying time of newly applied coatings with the portable smart heater. Available in 230v and 110v versions. A safe heating option with a maximum air temperature of 55˚C/131˚F, including an automatic thermal cut-out in both motor and heating element. Provides a powerful air output.  Available with a 5m/16ft specialty hose with high strength & temperature resistance.