Zonescan alpha


The installation of the system is performed or supervised by GUTERMANN in order to ensure optimal coverage of the targeted pipe network and reliable communication. No further human field intervention is necessary for accurate leak detection, as leaks will be automatically identified and pinpointed. The leakage manager is notified within on or just a few days of their occurrence. Thanks to advanced spectrum analysis non-leak noises and other interferences are automatically excluded.

Engineered to perfection: The ZoneScan ALPHA technology is the result of years of rigorous hardware and software engineering. Combined with GUTERMANN’s unmatched expertise in communication and correlation technique, and the use of and high-end materials as well as in-house designed and manufactured key components (such as the radio module), this product is second to none in the world. Our smart sensors are designed to withstand temperatures of -20°C to +80°C and the battery life is tested to last for at least 5 years before it needs to be replaced.

The advantages of a fixed network: Apart from the obvious advantage in reduction of manpower required to perform leakage surveys and correlations, a fixed network installation also provides more accurate results thanks to the elimination of deployment mistakes and a greater amount of data available over time. This way, you will identify and pinpoint even smaller and more difficult leaks. Early identification and repair of leaks reduces the leak run-time and avoids larger and more dangerous pipe breakages. It reduces your water loss sustainably!

  • Self-learning system: The ZoneScan ALPHA software is designed to become more effective over time. You gain a vast database of historical leak and noise data and can add specific site observations such as noises (eg, from reducers, electrical sub-stations, pumps and PRVs), real sound files and pipe properties (age, material etc.) to create a powerful and self-learning asset management tool. Over time, you will gain total control over your distribution network. An event ticketing module helps you manage any problem resolution efficiently.

  • Full transparency of the system: A special “Maintenance Screen” provides a complete overview of the entire ZoneScan network. For each individual system component the operator can retrieve such information as the power level, temperature and noise level data, firmware version, and date of most recent communication. The system generates an automatic warning if there is a problem with any of the sensors or repeaters: low battery level, out-dated firm ware, stolen or displaced logger, defective sensor or antenna, or extreme temperatures.
  • Attractive and versatile user interface: All existing pipe network information, the location of each smart sensor and all leak indications are displayed on a Google Maps interface. Each sensor can be investigated individually or cross-correlated with any other sensor. Special screens enable the operator to perform advanced filtering and spectral analysis, and a special “Leak Score” provides advice and certainty on any possible leak situation. A pipe-wizard helps you adjust your network information for any inaccuracies in your imported GIS data.

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