Picote Mini Miller +C / Mini Cleaner + C

Picote mini miller & cleaner C


  • Onboarding camera system makes for convenient viewing of cleaning, cutting, and coating jobs.
  • Waterproof protective camera case with carrying handle. When the case is latched and closed.
  • Digital footage counter
  • On screen time & date display
  • Stainless steel camera heads (IP68 class).
  • Video and snapshot modes
  • LED camera lights with brightness control
  • Also available as a retrofit upgrade package for standard Mini Cleaners and Mini Millers
  • You can use both hands on the shaft due to the operator presence foot control pedal that is standard on all Picote Millers. 

The Picote Mini MIller + C and Mini cleaner +C units feature an integrated 30m (98′) colour camera that makes viewing of cleaning and cutting jobs easier and helps to make Picote Brush Coating even simpler.

The Mini Miller +C’s colour, self-levelling camera head has a 512hz integrated sonde while the Mini Cleaner +C features a smaller colour camera head that allows it to follow the Mini Cleaner through DN50 p-traps & bends.

Please view our Picote Website for more information and facts about the Mini Miller or Mini Cleaner specifications and product information.

PIcote + camera technical specs

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