CIPP: Choosing the right lining material for a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation project can never be an “off the shelf” decision.Research and development in the world of CIPP liners has resulted in a wide spectrum of new solutions, all created to meet unique requirements and address the proven acceptance of CIPP as a viable way

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A number of new leak detection technologies have hit the market recently. Here’s what facilities managers should know to choose the right solution for their facilities. When it comes to selecting water leak detection technology, the myriad of solutions on the market to choose from can sometimes be daunting. Facility managers should understand the different

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USES AND BENEFITS Onboarding camera system makes for convenient viewing of cleaning, cutting, and coating jobs. Waterproof protective camera case with carrying handle. When the case is latched and closed. Digital footage counter On screen time & date display Stainless steel camera heads (IP68 class). Video and snapshot modes LED camera lights with brightness control

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