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If you’re already looking to upgrade your CIPP lining kit or find that the heavy and awkward design of your old kit is just not working for you, take a look at the new Picote Inversion Drums! Designed to be super user-friendly, easy to move, lighter weight and very high-quality, our simple and practical design WORKS! Available in sizes 350, 500, 700 and the new 700 Slim! 

Compact and mobile, the 700 Slim is a real asset in a tight spot!

With the capacity to hold 38m of DN150 liner this tank can help you to line pipes from DN50-DN250 easily and without fuss!

Contact your FDT for more information.

picote easy slim inversion drums
picote smart heat miller

Picote has a growing range of CIPP tools designed to reduce the weight of the kit you need on site for wetting out, installing liners, curing in place and reinstating! Their goal is to make the whole process easier, faster and more convenient from start to finish.

Speak to FDT to get a quote.

picote inversion drums compact mobile and slim

Still using hot water to cure linings? Our new Picote Smart Heat machines are a revolution in CIPP, requiring no water and allowing the heat to be directed exactly where you need it, fast! The Maxi Smart Heat’s 28m range gives a great reach while the Miller frame enables neat and compact storage with easy transportation. With no risk of water damage this method is great for use inside buildings, speeding up the ambient curing process by up to 35 percent! Also available in the Mini Smart Heat model (14m range) or as a separate 5m cable for smaller projects.