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Brawo Systems rehabilitating inhouse drainage systems

Rehabilitating the Building Drainage Without Dirt and Noise!

Moist walls, musty odours and mould formation are common types of damage in buildings.

The cause of this is often leaking waste water pipes, from which waste water leaks into the surrounding such as walls and ceilings as well as the building stock.

The rehabilitation of waste water pipes in buildings is subject to special regulations and strict structural engineering rules.

A particular challenge is created by high or fluctuating temperatures, as can occur, for example, in the kitchen or the washing machine area.

To make sure that the rehabilitation work is successful over the long term, the materials used must withstand the stresses and strains. In addition, for fire safety reasons all rehabilitation

solutions for wastewater pipes in buildings must meet at least German building materials class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102-1.

The BRAWOLINER® HT and Spray-Liner® rehabilitation systems meet all structural engineering requirements and, what is more, have the demanding DIBt certification for the rehabilitation of waste water pipes inside buildings.

rehabilitation with uncovering

Brawo® Systems. Complete Rehabilitation Without Uncovering The Pipes – This is How it is Done:

Just like going to see a doctor, the examination plays an important part before the rehabilitation of defective waste water pipes too. This is done with the aid of a special duct inspection camera.

Before rehabilitation work starts, the camera images provide information about the state of the old pipe. The TV run shows fragments, cracks, bends and inlets so that the subsequent rehabilitation steps can be planned using the image material.

The old pipe is then cleaned by flushing it with water.

Once the old pipe has been cleaned of all dirt and residue, the rehabilitation process can begin.

A camera run also makes sense after the rehabilitation.

In this way the success of the rehabilitation work is visually checked and verified.

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The Rehabilitation Solutions for Defective Pipes Inside Buildings

Brawo System inhouse rehabilitation
brawo system connection collars
  • For DN 100 to DN 150 main pipes andDN 70 to DN 150 inlets
  • All standard connection angles and nominal size combinations possible
  • Flexible BRAWOLINER® material
  • Optimal adjustment to the pipe run after the connecting piece
  • Tight and particularly stable connection
  • Ideal combined with a BRAWOLINER® rehabilitation
  • Changes of dimension possible


BRAWOLINER® HT was specially developed for in-house rehabilitation. This involves a high-tech textile hose, which is soaked with epoxy resin and then inserted into the defective pipe by means of air or water pressure. In doing so, BRAWOLINER® HT completely lines the pipe and thus eliminates all existing and also any potential damage.

The result is a completely new, watertight pipe in the old pipe with improved structural properties.

Benefits of the tried-and-tested BRAWOLINER®-Rehabilitation:
  • Extremely flexible due to high cross-sectional and longitudinal elasticity
  • Navigates bends up to 90°
  • Up to two dimensional changes
  • Warm curing at high temperatures possible with steam and water
  • For pipe diameters from DN 50 to DN 400

Naturally the connection angles on the waste water pipes also have to be rehabilitated in order to guarantee a neat,

flowing transition. BRAWOLINER® provides the precisely

fitting solution for main pipes with diameters from DN 100

– 150 and inlets from DN 70 – 150. Using the flexible BRAWOLINER

® collars, even complicated inlets in downpipes

can be rehabilitated quickly, affordably and reliably.

brawoliner stands for quality
brawo spray liner

The Perfect Solution for Small Nominal Widths in the In-House Rehabilitation Sector up to DN 150

Benefits of Spray-Liner®
  • Additional corrosion and wear protection of the pipes
  • Navigates bends up to 90°
  • For pipe diameters from DN 40 to DN 150
  • With DIBt a certification Z-42.3-548 for pipes inside buildings


The revolutionary technology for rehabilitating pipes from DN 40 is the original Spray-Liner® spraying method. With the help of a rotating spray head, epoxy resin is sprayed directly onto the inner wall of the waste water pipe. After a detailed TV inspection with subsequent cleaning of the old pipes, the existing access points, such as a plumbing connection, are used to apply an epoxy resin, specially developed and produced in Germany, onto the inner pipe wall from inside.

This enables a quick modernisation of the building drainage as well as a high degree of cost-effectiveness with quality.

sprayliner in action