picote mini cleaner

Designed with plumbers in mind

The mini cleaner is specially designed with plumbers in mind and makes cleaning, descaling, root removal, cutting/reinstatements, and coating in DN32-75 (1 1/4″) pipes, easier than ever before.

It has a range of 16m and features a highly flexible 8mm shaft which allows working in smaller diameter pipes, even those with multiple 90º bends and p-traps as small as DN50.

In the UK, and other countries without syphonic toilets, it can also be pushed through the toilet and into the stack pipe for cleaning.

It is fed by a standard wall outlet making it a very easy to use on almost any jobsite.

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Say yes to jobs when others cannot: pool lines, p-traps, urinals, toilet stacks & more.

  • You can use both hands on the shaft due to the operator presence foot control pedal.
  • Flexible: Navigate 90º and 2-traps.
  • High speed/High torque: 500-2100 rpm.
  • Lightweight: 26.5kg.
  • Cutting or cleaning package included.
  • Standard safety features include: protective outer shaft casing, operator presence foot control, manual safety clutch, in-line GFI and an emergency stop.
  • Mini cleaner +C camera upgrade.