Easy to move, Hard to Beat


The Mini MIller is a high speed, high torque unit designed for cleaning, descaling, and removing roots in pipes between DN50-100 (204″) pipes and for cutting and reinstatements in DN50-75 (2-3″) pipe. When paired with the PIcote Mini Coating Pump it is capable of brush coating in DN50 – 150 (2-6″) pipes as well.

Weighing only 27kg, it’s 8mm shaft has reach of 16m, which can be extended 10m by adding a shaft extension.

It is fed by a standard 3 prong wall outlet making it a very easy to use on almost any jobsite.

  • Designed to take up as little space as possible while covering a large range of applications
  • Time is money and the lightweight Mini Miller takes less time to transport and maneuver into position on jobsites.
  • High Speed High Torque: 500-2900 rpm.
  • Lightweight: 27kg
  • The standard safety features include a safety clutch, in-line GFI** (US), protective outer shaft casing, and an E-stop help to keep you and your equipment investment protected.
  • Mini Cleaner +C camera upgrade now available


Picote Mini MIller Products & Parts
  • 3540000817  – Mini Miller
  • 3540000817 US – Mini Miller 110v (US)
  • 131203008517 – Mini MIller 8mm Shaft with thick casing 17.4m
  • 9331008000 – Thick outer casing for 8mm shaft
  • 900000856 Micro / Mini Safety clutch
  • 900000920 – Silicone Spring for MIcro / Mini Miller (5pcs)
  • 9530000134  – Strain Relief Spring Micro / Mini Miller for Safety clutch
  • 950000045 – Micro/Mini Miller Handle Upgrade Kit
Mini Miller Technical Specifications – Pipe sizes and ranges
  • Cleaning & DescalinG – DN5- 100 
  • Cutting & Reinstatement – DN50-75
  • Picote Brush Coating® – DN50-150
  • Usabable Shaft Length – 16m
  • Cable Extensions – 10m
  • Shaft Size – 8mm
  • Casing Type – Thick
  • Output Power (Watts)  1100W
  • Speed (RPM) – 500 to 2900
  • Power – UK/US 110/125V, 15 AMP, EU:220/230V, 16 AMP 
  • Weight  27kg
  • Size:  740 x 519 x 404mm
  • Safety features  Protective shaft casing, operator presence foot control, in-line GFI** manual safety clutch & Emergency stop.