Clearing wipes and soft blockages from drains and sewers

Picote Solutions manufacture a range of High Speed Millers, accompanied with a great range of tools which are increasingly being used for unblocking and cleaning all types of pipes, including drains and sewers from diameters DN32 (1.1/4”) up to DN300 (12”).

Our range of “Original Chains” and “Special Drill Heads” are great for cutting through and removing soft blockages, wipes and tree roots in plastic, cast iron, clay and concrete pipes as well as removing tuberculation and scale in cast iron pipes.

As with high pressure water jetting, it is important to select the correct tools to enable you to clear the blockage without damaging the pipe. Generally, when arriving on site the operator will find that the drainage system is holding water and, in some cases, will be close to flooding over and causing property damage.

The operator may be unable to see the type or condition of the pipe and therefore the correct selection of tools is vital. In cases like this we would always recommend that you use the Picote PVC Original Chains or Special Drill Head Cutter to cut through the blockage. When using the Picote Super Midi or Maxi Miller machines (12mm / .” shaft) you can combine the Original Chain and Special Drill Head Cutter onto a leader (see picture below). You can approach upstream to the blockage or from behind the blockage without requiring additional water, avoiding a potential flood and subsequent contamination.

Always start at the slowest machine setting (500 rpm) and push the tool through the pipe until you feel the blockage. It helps to keep the tool spinning intermittently while pushing the shaft forward. As you start cutting through the blockage, slowly increase the speed. If the operator has access to a CCTV camera they could tape the camera head onto the outer casing behind the leader, enabling them to monitor the unblocking process as they progress.

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picote chain and drill head

The PVC Original Chain will stabilise the Special Drill Head Cutter in the centre of the pipe allowing it to cut into and through the blockage, making space for the chain to fully restore flow.

The selection of the Original Chain is dependent on the diameter of the pipe and would be either 100mm (4”) or 150mm (6”)

The selection of the Special Drill Head Cutter is dependent on whether there are bends in the pipe. The Special Drill Head Cutters are available in 3 different sizes (see table below) for use with the 12mm (1/2”) shaft. The drill heads are all suitable for use in all pipe diameters DN70 (3”) and above – see table below

picote drill head guide

Once the blockage has been popped and the operator can see the type and condition of the pipe, it may be better to exchange the PVC Original Chain with either the Original Chain (Clay Pipes) or Premium Original Chain (Cast Iron Pipes). Alternatively, they could use the new Picote 3D Cleaning Chains which are self-adjusting depending on RPM. The 3D Chain will keep expanding as it removes material until it reaches its maximum size.

picote 3d chain