BRAWO® Magnavity – Light Curing the Smart Way Light Curing on the next Level! Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity. Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality from BRAWO® Tech. The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 high-performance UV LEDs, a 50-metre long […]

Clearing wipes and soft blockages from drains and sewers Picote Solutions manufacture a range of High Speed Millers, accompanied with a great range of tools which are increasingly being used for unblocking and cleaning all types of pipes, including drains and sewers from diameters DN32 (1.1/4”) up to DN300 (12”). Our range of “Original Chains”

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Extracted & Published from Brawoliner@ Germany The construction site determines the installation technology: light, steam, hot water or ambient temperature. The market for the rehabilitation of building and property drainage is currently developing dynamically. The complexity of construction sites in particular places enormous demands on pipe rehabilitation companies. Frequently there are pipe nets with many

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