BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® present new technologies to international audience

Kaiserslautern, 12 February 2018. The system supplier BRAWOLINER®, together with Spray-Liner®, presented its latest technologies to an international audience as part of the joint 25th anniversary. A particular highlight in this respect was the brand new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure.

On 1st and 2nd February, BRAWOLINER® and Spray-Liner® celebrated their 25th anniversary together. The big anniversary party at the BRAWOLINER® Kaiserslautern site was attended not only by 150 invited customers and partners from 13 different countries, but also by high-calibre guests from politics and business. The Minister of Economic Affairs for Rhineland-Palatinate , Dr. Volker Wissing, and the former KOB managing director, Dr. Gerhard Braun, were among the speakers at the celebration.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the presentation of the new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure. This technology is expected to be available after its introduction at the IFAT trade show in Munich in May. The established liner is also an important element when it comes to the curing method using light. It is characterised by its usual high flexibility and ability to bend. Over and above this, a single component, light curing resin system and a control unit are required, to which the light source is connected via a cable. BRAWO® LumCure can be used in the diameter range between DN 100 and DN 200 with section lengths up to 30 metres.

The Spray-Liner method was also demonstrated live to the interested audience: it makes the rehabilitation of damaged waste water pipes in the nominal width range DN 34 to DN 155 much easier. At the heart is a patented spraying process, with which epoxy resin is sprayed onto defective pipes from inside. With the Spray-Liner method – just as with the BRAWOLINER method – no walls and floors have to be opened to rehabilitate damaged pipes.

Particular attention was also drawn at the entire event to the importance of rehabilitating sewage networks on properties and particularly inside buildings without chiselling and demolition work. Time and cost savings in the case of rehabilitation and modernisation work of the drainage areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, downpipes, underground pipes, connecting sewers to the public sewer system, are enormous. Technologies like the hose lining or spraying method provide a way of resolving the rehabilitation cost-effectively and promptly.

brawoliner spray liner uv curing

Live-Demonstration of the brand new light curing technology, BRAWO® LumCure.

lumocure live domonstration

Large crowds at the Live-Demonstration