Smelling a rat offers extra opportunity for contractors

Rat vs ratblocker s1e
S1E Rat blockers for Winter

Late Autumn and Winter are key times for rat infestations inside properties as rats enter buildings to keep warm when the weather turns cold. One drainage contractor who has found they can offer their customers help with this potential problem is Jetting Services Direct Ltd, who fit between 15 and 20 rat blockers every month.

“We provide this service to anyone from a domestic customer to Pest Control Companies,” explained Company Director, Paul Lugg.  “We normally recommend a rat blocker when a property has no barrier/trap within their drainage system linking them to the main sewer system or if they have had rodent activity.”

Signs of rodent activity include rat droppings, scratching noises, rub marks and footprints.  Particular signs that the rats might be entering through the drainage system can include damage to drain covers or small holes dug next to them.

Rat blockers are fitted into drainage pipes at the manhole.  They feature a one-way flap that will allow the rat to exit the property, but not to gain entry or re-entry.  High quality rat blockers are manufactured in metal as rats can chew through plastic barriers, gaining access.

Paul’s preference is for the stainless steel Ratwall rat blockers, which are available from Source One Environmental (S1E).  They can be easily fitted from ground level, using the specially-designed installation pole.  “We are very pleased with the quality of the rat blocker and the fitting flexibility provided when using the 1-2 metre length rod adapters,” commented Paul.

The Ratwall product is designed so that it is held securely in place with a tight friction fit and cannot become dislodged into the drainage line.  The flap opens fully, with no hinge within the pipe, allowing maximum flow.  A reversible flap allows installation into either the inlet or outfall.

Jetting Services Direct has over 25 years’ experience in the drainage industry, serving London, the South West & South East.  They offer a wide range of services including clearing blocked drains, CCTV surveys, lining & patching, excavations, descaling and all associated drainage works, as well as recommending and fitting rat blockers wherever they are needed.

The Metex rat blockers and the Nordisk TX11 range are available from FDT Solutions. Give us a call to get yours now.