BRAWOLINER® becomes the first German service point for UVRelining and will distribute the system for light curing in the future

The UVRelining light-curing system will be completely assembled in the company’s own premises. This enables the Swedish company Peanta Inventions AB to control and monitor the entire production process in order to guarantee outstanding quality. The system consists of a control unit, a retraction unit and a light head. Due to the special design of the system, several bends up to 90 degrees can be easily rehabilitated. The triangular LED panel, protected by a spiral grid, guarantees a fully cured liner. The system can be used with all liners from BRAWOLINER® and BRAWO® LR, the new one-component, styrene-free special resin for UV light curing. A special feature of the new system is the semi-automatic curing process: the corresponding BRAWOLINER® can be selected via a touch screen. The curing speed is then set automatically depending on the diameter. 

The aim of BRAWOLINER® is to provide customers with a maximum of flexibility on building and site drainage sites that are often difficult to plan. As a system supplier, BRAWOLINER® not only offers a complete and high-quality range for the rehabilitation of defective pipes. With the new light-curing system BRAWO® LumCure, the system supplier now has a further module in its product portfolio in addition to the established epoxy resin systems and the curing processes with ambient temperature, steam and water. This offers customers and users an even wider range of options, allowing them to respond individually to each application scenario.

The BRAWO® Tech division comprises of high-tech products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINERs. Furthermore, high-quality vehicle conversions are offered. The BRAWO® Academy rounds off the portfolio: In a comprehensive training and further education programme, various seminars and workshops are offered on the topics of rehabilitation practice, planning, economic considerations, standards and regulations.

Gunter Kaltenhäuser, Business Unit Manager BRAWOLINER®, is enthusiastic about the cooperation: “We are looking forward to the close cooperation with Peanta Inventions AB and are completely convinced of the extraordinary quality and expertise of our Swedish colleagues. Together we want to continue to bring “light into the darkness”.